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A glimpse of the impact we are making towards building a brighter future for the visually challenged

74% Placement Rates
21+ Years Of Transforming Lives
1500+ Lives Impacted Till Date
53 Blind Boys Enrolled

Values & Beliefs

We believe that health inequities should not be social determinants on the lifestyle of visually challenged people. This is the reason why our objective is to transform the lives of visually challenged members by making them self-reliant and self-sufficient. We put our efforts in boosting confidence levels of the visually impaired so they never feel low and socially rejected in any way.


We Achieve What We Aspire

We are led by an idea of uplifting lives of visually impaired individuals by making them ready for suitable job placements and modifying their skills by teaching them various courses. We also provide many vocational training options to our boys in order to enhance their skills. At Ujjala, we ensure that we work on the strengths of every individual and look after their health and other major necessities by giving them access to various medical services.

Our boys are currently working hard on forming a musical group of 10 members who will perform on various platforms in different places. Two of them have already been placed in industrial units and are doing well in their respective fields. We want to help our boys achieve all their dreams while enhancing their individual talents also.


Ujjala Student Gets Felicitated By The PM

Golu Kumar, 22, one of our talented students has been recognized as an international cricket champion. This aspirational cricketer came to Ujjala from Jharkhand for further studies. He stayed at Ujjala while completing his schooling in Delhi. Golu has represented India on global platforms in the international cricket forum. He participated in the Cricket World Cup for the visually impaired, in 2013. For his performance in the crucial match vs Pakistan, Golu was awarded a sum of Rs. 5 lacs by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi, Rs. 1 Lac by the Jharkhand Cricket Association and Rs. 1 lac by renowned cricketer Kapil Dev. Our immensely talented boy completed his schooling and college during his stay with us, and we are proud to be have supported Golu realize his dreams.Golu is an inspiration for many visually challenged people and his success proves that even by-birth physical impediment is not really a roadblock, if there is ample self-determination, will power and support from family/society.

Ujjala Students Placed With Leading Banks

It is our constant endeavor to help our blind students become independent and employable. It gives us immense pleasure to share that many Ujjala students have been placed with leading banks of India such as-

  • Raju Prajapati placed in Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • Sadho Devgam placed in  Punjab National Bank
  • Ashok Kumar placed in  Bank of Baroda
  • Raj Narayan Prasad placed in  SBI and more…

We are proud of their success and wish them the very best in their careers!

Ujjala Students Excel In Sports

Ujjala students are constantly overcoming all physical barriers and achieving new heights of success in the field of sports also. Their sheer determination and undying spirit has led them to perform outstandingly well in sports like Cricket, Chess and Kabaddi.