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We are determined to help the underprivileged and consistently empower the visually impaired lead a life of dignity, self-reliance and purposefulness.



Ujjala is focused on improving the lives of visually impaired by making them employable and providing necessary assistance in achieving their goals.


About Us

Ujjala is a Delhi based NGO helping visually impaired boys studying at Delhi University and in NCR. Ujjala was founded by Mrs. Shalini Shamnath, Mrs. Neru Bhargav, and Mrs. Dolly Bhatia who were driven by a dream to see a day when no visually impaired person would be deprived of rights as basic as survival, participation, protection, and development. Ujjala, formed in pursuit of this dream, helps blind students become self-dependent and lead dignified lives. It provides facilities and nurturing environment to help students achieve their dreams and strive higher. We help blind students pursue their dreams and not let the visual disability be a roadblock.